Clarissa graduated in 2016 at Utah State University. She started regularly volunteering at Global Village with her sister and soon found a sincere love for fair trade and nonprofit organizations. She was so impressed with the work that was being done at Global Village and the positive changes it was having on disadvantaged communities abroad.

Since becoming the manager she has concluded that it is her life mission to help others and be involved in organizations that are contributing to a better world. Her favorite thing about fair trade is that there is a large focus on women and on empowering groups that are oftentimes given unequal opportunities. Her favorite quote about fair trade is by Anna Lappe: "Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want." She is beyond grateful for the opportunity to be working with Global Village and all of its artisans.


Becca Huppi was born and raised in Logan and has grown up shopping at Global Village. She volunteered in the store for a year and is now pleased to be working as the volunteer coordinator. As someone who has traveled and lived abroad, she loves the taste of other cultures Global Village brings to Cache Valley.

Having visited some of the countries our products come from Becca knows the difference fair trade makes, by empowering individuals, families, and communities. What she likes best about fair trade is how personal it is as it decreases the distance between those who make the product and those who buy it. She loves learning the story behind each product and feeling connected to the hands that have crafted it. 


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